Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tips About Collecting Presidential Autographs (Part One)

Documents with authentic presidential signatures are often a great value per dollar spent. Substantive content letters, for example, can be very expensive. As an added bonus, documents such as military commissions* often contain graphics. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when collecting presidential signatures:

✓ Buy direct from a reputable dealer. This can result in great savings. Auctions, due to high buyers premiums, high reserves, and sometimes dishonesty, can often result in inflated prices paid.

✓ Buying on eBay can be a bad idea. Forgeries often show up on eBay because no oversight built is built into this sales arena.

LaBarre Galleries does not actively deal in clipped signatures. They are more difficult to authenticate, per dollar spent, they are often not a good value, the historic significance has been severed and usually will never be known.

* The Graphics and Calligraphy Office (GCO) is a unit of the Social Office at the White House. Located in the East Wing, the Graphics and Calligraphy Office coordinates and produces all non-political social invitations, place cards, presidential proclamations, letters patent, military commissions, and official greetings.

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