Monday, August 31, 2009

Theodore Roosevelt Plaque

We have in stock a 1920 fine quality, bronzed base metal plaque of Theodore Roosevelt by James Earle Frazer, famed designer of the buffalo nickel. Large and very heavy, the words "Compliments of Raymond Sharp" were hand applied in the casting mold when made.

Dimension 9 3/4" x 12 1/2". Contact George, 1-800-717-9529 for more information.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Northern Pacific Railroad

The nation was slowly healing its wounds and recovering from the disastrous effects of the Civil War. Visionaries of the period looked to the future and the opportunities available in a recovering nation's expansion. Naturally so, men of stout hearts looked west. Thus, it is no surprise that the man who successfully orchestrated the Union effort in selling bonds to finance the war turned his eye toward his next great challenge, the resurrection of the Northern Pacific Railroad.

After years of failed attempts at financing the road, the future of the company lie in doubt. Jay Cooke arrived on the scene, successfully lobbying Congress for legislative change which would facilitate his grand plan for financing the construction of the road. Thus the first tracks of what would become America's second transcontinental railroad were laid.

As construction continued, rising costs necessitated the need for constantly growing amounts of capital and Jay Cooke boldly took the lead. His optimism for the costly project exceeded even his firm's abilities to muster the financial resources to continue in the face of ever-increasing fears of failure by the banking community. Ultimately, with Jay Cooke & Company's fortunes closely tied to the Northern Pacific Project, the firm failed and was forced into bankruptcy and in some part, contributed to the onset of the financial panic of 1873.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puget Sound and Alaska Steamship Co.

Operating from 1889-1904 as a subsidiary of the Northern Pacific Railroad, the Puget Sound and Alaska Steamship Company ran a steamship line from Tacoma servicing Puget Sound and Alaska. A number of prominent investors owned shares in the company.

We have two in stock, one highly collectible issued to and signed by J. D. Rockefeller and unissued certificates in brown or green.

Contact George, 1-800-717-9529, for special wholesale prices on unissued certificates.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What You Should Know About Collecting Stocks And Bonds -Part Two

Four more reasons to collect or become a wholesaler of collectible stocks and bonds...

Back in 1981, the most valuable collectible stock sold for $3,000. This same railroad stock signed by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt now sells for $12,000. Stocks currently sell for as much as $130,000. Compare this record price to other collectibles. Single coins have sold for over $4 million. A stamp can sell in the million dollar range. Autographs have sold for over a million dollars. One could conclude that quality collectible Stocks and bonds represent very good value in today’s market.

Stocks and bonds are becoming very difficult to find. Most of our inventory was acquired 10 to 20 years ago. Demand has grown steadily over the years as supply has gone down. It has taken 20 years to build these collections that we can now offer.

Collecting topics offer something for every taste. Railroads, Automotive, Aviation, Mining, Oils, Communications, Insurance, Banking and Autographs. Stocks and bonds can be collected by state, city, or region.

Fun: Most importantly, collecting stocks and bonds is “FUN” and most satisfying.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

J. Paul Getty Signed Check

J. Paul Getty (1892-1976), businessman and noted art collector, became one of the richest people in the world. Check, 1941-49 issued to various Getty relatives.

Drawn on the Security-First National Bank of Los Angeles. Bold Signature!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lionel Corporation Old Stock Certificate

1960s, New York- Lionel Corporation, an American toy manufacturer specializing in toy trains and model railroads. Lionel's trains, produced from 1901 to 1969, are the most famous toy trains in the United States, and are among the most famous in the world.

In 2006, Lionel's electric train, along with the Easy Bake Oven, became the first two electric toys to be inducted in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Outstanding vignette of boy in engineer's outfit posed with a diesel & steam locomotive. Scarce!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What You Should Know About Collecting Stocks And Bonds -Part One

Collecting stocks and bonds is not only a great hobby, it can be an interesting wholesale business as well. Whether your plan is to simply collect, become a small wholesaler, or a large-scale one like us, here are several things you should know...

History: Financial history is exciting and fun. Stocks and bonds were used in colonial times, early shipping, railroads, throughout the Industrial Revolution, into the automotive age, the Crash of 1929, and all through the past decades of economic growth. These documents are truly pieces of history and of great educational value.

Art: engraved printing of stocks and bonds by American Banknote, Franklin Lee Banknote, International Banknote, etc., are considered serious art. They are used to decorate dens, offices, boardrooms, and corporate headquarter buildings.

Treasure Hunting Appeal: Collecting stocks and bonds is still so new, one can say it is still in its infancy. As a result, there are fine bargains and little treasures to be found. Collecting stocks and bonds is a fresh, new vibrant hobby.

Monday, August 17, 2009

J. Paul Getty - Check on Chase Manhattan Bank London

J. Paul Getty (1892-1976), businessman and noted art collector, became one of the richest people in the world.

This great check dated 1960s is drawn on the London branch of Chase and written in Pounds. The signature is very lightly ink cancelled and is very, very bold. Excellent Condition.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

General William Mahone - Atlantic Mississippi and Ohio Gold Bond

General Mahone was a Railroad President, Confederate General, and a Senator from Virginia. General Robert E. Lee said after the war that among the younger men he thought William Mahone had developed the highest quality for organization and command.

In railroads after the war, Mahone created the privately owned Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Railroad. Of this fine road (later the Norfolk & Western) he was President at a salary (men noted) “as big as the President’s.”

General William Mahone (1826-1895), signed Atlantic, Mississippi, & Ohio Railroad VA $1,000 Gold Bond dated 1871, orange imprinted Internal Revenue stamp at center, several rows of interest bearing coupons each with an engraving of a steam locomotive.

The very finest graphics by Continental Bank Note Co. In the top 10 most beautiful American bonds ever! A great addition to any Southern or Confederate collection. Mahone’s signature is hole cancelled but reasonably clear. Exceptional clor and graphics! Excellent condition.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

1903 Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co

The five founders of 3M financed the company to mine mineral for grinding wheel abrasives. Like many others in the early 1900’s, 3M’s founders incorporated first and investigated later. In the face of failure, they persevered and turned an investment into a lucrative venture. John Dwan and Henry S. Bryan both sign as officers at front of this 1903 Minnesota stock.

John Dwan, 3M Founder and first secretary; attorney in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Henry S.Bryan, autographs, 3M Founder and first president, Chief of Motive Power at the Duluth and Iron Range Railroad.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Charles Best & Frederick Pabst - Philip Best Brewing Company

Frederick Pabst (1836-1904), and Charles Best Jr., Brewers. Both sign this 1873 Wisconsin stock. The stock is issued to Frederick Pabst and is signed twice! Once at the stub and at the back. Nice double vignette of the Empire and Southside breweries, the company’s two breweries in Milwaukee. This company is the forerunner of what eventually became Pabst Brewing Company. Jacob Best was among the first brewers to engage in the business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, establishing a plant in 1844.

His son Phillip rose to take control of the brewery by 1860, and ultimately retiring in 1864, leaving it to his son-in-laws, Emil Schandein, who signs as Vice President. With Fred at the helm of the company, Pabst rose to become the largest brewery in the world by the turn of the century.

Stocks of significant breweries of this caliber signed by the early important brewers in the U. S. are extremely rare and this represents a nice opportunity to acquire an important certificate from this industry. Brewery stocks are very popular. Excellent Condition.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

J. Pierpont Morgan 100-Year Railroad Bond

J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), Banker, Connoisseur of Art, son of Junius S. Morgan. Involved in his early years in a broad range of finance, his company, J. P. Morgan & Co. became one of the most powerful banking houses in the world. He engaged in several dubious pieces of business during the Civil War period, but was essentially an organizer and stabilizing force in business.

After the failure of Jay Cooke's firm, Morgan's firm became dominant in government financing and in financing railroads. Among his most daring undertakings was the formation of the US Steel Corp. in 1901. Morgan's personal influence was a decisive factor in overcoming the money panic of 1907. Superb 100 year bond of the New Jersey Junction Railroad dated 1886, nearly four pages of attractive coupons remaining.

The bond is boldly signed at back by J. Pierpont Morgan and H. C. Fahnstock as Trustees. A large impressive vignette of a harbor scene is also at the back. Graphically beautiful both front and back. Includes nice portraits of both Morgan and Fahnstock. Superb Near Mint Condition! Any other type of stock or bond signed by Morgan will sell in the $2,000 or more range. This Bond is a Great Value at this Special Price.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Uncirculated (UNC) is the highest rating that a stock or bond may receive. Items in uncirculated condition are found as clean and crisp as when they were issued. To use an old saying, they look as if they just came off the printing press. In some cases, these are unissued stocks or bonds that were never sold and perhaps were stored in office files. Since unissued materials are not as desirable as issued ones, they would not be in demand. Issued certificates in uncirculated condition are real prizes within the world of scripophily.

One example is this very rare bond signed by Peter Colt as Treasurer, Grandfather of Gun Maker Samuel Colt and dated 1782. Bonds are Crisp Uncirculated. Made out to soldiers either lost in action or possibly deserted.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bond Coupons

Coupons, ranging in number from a handful to many dozens for each bond, are attached to the bottom or sides of the bond. Often they are on one or more separate sheets.

When an interest payment is due on the bond, the bondholder simply clips the correct coupon and redeems it at a bank or at the issuing company offices. Normally the interest rate of the bond and the date of payment are on each coupon.

Other information such as the form of payment, such as gold coin, would also appear. Attractive, fresh, crisp coupons are a definite plus for bonds, especially if the bond was redeemed early and numerous coupons remain attached.