Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brayton Ives and Thomas F. Ryan - Kentucky Mineral and Timber Co

Collectible, autographed Brayton Ives & Thomas F. Ryan - Kentucky Mineral & Timber Co. Bond.

Brayton Ives, (1840-1914). Union General during the Civil War, Banker, and prominent New York stock broker, President of the New York Stock Exchange in 1878 and 1879. Thomas F. Ryan, (1851-1928), Financier and Promoter. He was left orphaned and penniless at 14, and at 17 made his way to Baltimore. At 21 he went to New York where he started as a messenger or “pad-shover” in a Wall Street brokerage firm.

This 1892 $1,000 Bond of New Jersey is signed by Thomas F. Ryan as Secretary and Brayton Ives at the back as Trustee. Printed by Dennison & Brown. Full page of coupons attached. So important!

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