Sunday, October 30, 2011

Collectible Lionel Corporation Stocks Certificates

Lionel Corporation, an American toy manufacturer specializing in toy trains and model railroads. Lionel's trains, produced from 1901 to 1969, are the most famous toy trains in the United States, and are among the most famous in the world.

In 2006, Lionel's electric train, along with the Easy Bake Oven, became the first two electric toys to be inducted in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Outstanding vignette of boy in engineer's outfit posed with a diesel and steam locomotive. Scarce!

Also, this 1951, New York, stock. Neatly small hole cancelled. Vignette of small boy with necktie playing with train. Green or brown. Famous Toy Maker. This older type is Very Rare! So Popular! Excellent Condition.

State: New York
Year: 1951

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