Friday, December 2, 2011

American Consolidated Fire Extinguisher Company

American Consolidated Fire Extinguisher Company

In 1867, a patent was granted to Carlier and Vignon, of France, for a portable apparatus that projected water saturated with carbonic acid gas upon to extinguish fire.

Mr. D. Miles, of Boston, purchased the American patent. The first machines sold under the new patent were filled with water and loaded with cartridges of dry acid and bicarbonate of soda. It released 80 pounds of pressure, sufficient to project a stream of approximately 50 feet.

The most important step in the evolution of the modern extinguisher was the adoption of a device for mixing liquid acid with the soda solution by the turning of a handle or screw. This version was much more effective in maintaining pressure.

This certificate features a unique vignette of a fire extinguisher in operation. Issues in Massachusetts, year 1871 Only 1 found, and the condition is excellent!

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