Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chinese Reorganization Gold Loan of 1913

Chinese Reorganization Gold Loan of 1913

In our 34 years of specializing in collectibles stocks and bonds, we have had the good fortune of buying and selling many historic and especially graphic bonds. The Reorganization bonds truly stand out for so many reasons. We are proud to offer the largest inventory of these bonds available today. Over 4,700 pieces of both the 20 Pound and 100 Pound denominations.

1. Superb Graphics including 3 exceptional vignettes.
2. Outstanding quality engraved printing by Waterlow & Sons, London
3. Rich in History.
4. Great colors of Green, Brown, and Blue.
5. International appeal as England, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan were all involved.
6. Text in 4 languages.
7. 4 Denominations.
8. Extensive details at back related to quantities issued, etc.

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