Friday, November 20, 2009

Parts Of A Stock: Company Name

The company’s name invariably occupies a central and visible location on the stock certificate, generally just above its center where it immediately draws the attention of the viewer. Besides its prominent location, the company name often is set in a special font style or interesting bold lettering which stands out on the certificate. Sometimes it is an unusual name that makes the title standout even more.

The company name provides an important reference point to begin an evaluation of a stock certificate. It also provides a reference point when tracing a company’s name changes, mergers, acquisitions, and such, over a period of time.

Companies having famous or noteworthy names, as well as unusual or odd names, are more avidly sought, at least on the basis of their name. Collectors do not base their decision to collect solely on the basis of a company name, as there are numerous other variables to consider.

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