Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Welcome Wholesalers

History is the backbone of the Stock and Bond hobby. Our extensive library enables us to support our clients with useful research.

Wholesale orders are normally a minimum of $200. Our prices are very reasonable and competitive. Wholesale prices range from $1 to several thousand dollars each. Of course, there are no minimum orders for clients who are working on marketing programs or promotions. In addition, no advance purchases are required with such projects. We are happy to “freeze” inventory for reasonable periods until actual sales are achieved.

Dealers and anyone involved in marketing collectibles, promotional gifts, premiums, or incentives should ask for our wholesale catalogs. We encourage phone calls related to buying from us at wholesale.

We believe in personalized customer service and quick turnaround times. Most orders are filled the same day we receive them.

The images included are a small sampling of some of the groups and collections available at wholesale.

Of course, we can quote you wholesale prices on nearly all items that we have in quantity. Just phone and ask for special prices. 800 717-9529 or send George an email:

For more information visit our web site,

George H. LaBarre Galleries - Collectible Stocks and Bonds

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