Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pennsylvania Maccabee Home & Maccabees Membership

Pennsylvania Maccabee Home & Maccabees Membership certificates of Membership. Western Bank Note, Chicago. Very Rare! Only 1 pair available!

No one of the popular secret beneficiary fraternal societies which have sprung into being during the latter quarter of the 19th century has been more successful than the Maccabees. Its original inspiration was of Canadian origin, but its robust youth and early manhood are tributes to the nurturing care and executive capacity of American citizens. The founders of the modern Maccabees are to be commended for quarrying the foundation stones of their ritual, legend, and ceremonial in strata which had not even been uncovered by the exploring hand of the secret society ritualist.*

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*The cyclopædia of fraternities By Albert Clark Stevens

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