Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Stock and Bond History

The earliest incorporated joint stock company known is Stora Kopparberg Berslag,m a Swedish copper mine, which received its charter in 1347, although a record of a trade in its shares exists from 1288.

The first English joint stock company was chartered in 1555 to trade with Russia and beyond. About 1600, great trading companies were founded in England, Holland and France.

The oldest known scripophily pieces are from around 1600, but most of the earliest collectible bonds and shares, mainly from England, France, Holland, and Italy date from the late 17th century.

A lot of collectible material exists from the 18th century, almost all of it from these four countries, plus Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and the USA.

(Photo: This 18th century Spanish share was issued in Barcelona)

The period 1800-1940 is the source of the great majority of the pieces we can collect. Post-1940 pieces are generally of less interest, but the occasional modern share is sought by collectors.

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The Scripophily Guide by Howard Shakespeare. Reprinted with permission from International Bond & Share Society

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