Sunday, June 10, 2012

History of The Chinese Reorganization Gold Loan of 1913 - Part Five

The following information  about the 1913 - 5% Reorganisation Gold Loan is reprinted with the permission of author John Thomson and is taken from his brand new book Historic Foreign Bonds of China.

The bond illustrated is a £20 bond issued by the Russian-Asiatic Bank1 but is distinguished by having a blue coloured stamp on the top of the bond. This stamp is often referred to as the “Nanking Stamp” as it makes a declaration on behalf of the Ministry of Finance in Nanking. The quality of the stamp is very poor and the text is difficult to read as the blue coloured ink is almost illegible against the green coloured background of the bond. The text of the “Nanking Stamp” is as follows:

Owing to provisions for payments of coupons 19 to 27 having been tied up through the liquidation of the Russo-Asiatic Bank, coupons 19 to 27 inclusive of this bond are temporarily not cashable. Coupons from 28 onwards are cashable as usual. Arrangements for settlement of coupons 19 to 27 will be made later, when bond-holders will be duly informed.


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