Thursday, May 26, 2011

Collecting Uncirculated Stocks and Bonds

Uncirculated (UNC) is the highest rating that a stock or bond may receive. Items in uncirculated condition are found as clean and crisp as when they were issued. To use an old saying, they look as if they just came off the printing press. In some cases, these are unissued stocks or bonds that were never sold and perhaps were stored in office files. 

Since unissued materials are not as desirable as issued ones, they would not be in demand. Issued certificates in uncirculated condition are real prizes within the world of scripophily.

One example is this very rare bond signed by Peter Colt as Treasurer, Grandfather of Gun Maker Samuel Colt and dated 1782. Bonds are Crisp Uncirculated. Made out to soldiers either lost in action or possibly deserted.

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