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Kinner Airplane & Motor Corporation

Kinner Airplane & Motor Corporation Jeffries Banknote Co., Los Angeles.

Amelia Earhart first learned to fly at the Kinner airfield in an OX-5 Canuck. Surprisingly enough, her instructor was a woman. Amelia hired Anita “Neta” or “Snooky” Snook for $500 for the first 12 hours of instruction, only taking another three before she was ready for her solo. Neta Snook was the first woman to own her own aviation business carrying passengers, designing aerial advertisments, and commercial instruction. On July 24th, 1922, Amelia’s 25th birthday, she purchased the prototype Kinner Airster for $2,000 and later named her plane the Kinner Canary. Her plane was designed and built right at the Kinner Airfield in Glendale. Gaining most of her experience in her first aircraft, Amelia went on to bigger and better events marked forever in history.

Although, Kinner went bankrupt in 1937 selling his aircraft rights to Timm Aircraft and engine rights to a new Kinner Motors. The founder of Timm Aircraft, Otto William “Barnstormer” Timm actually gave Charles Lindbergh his first airplane ride. The new Kinner Motors company produced thousands of engines for trainers during World War II. Later reorganized in 1946, Kinner Motor, Inc. was sold off to Gladden Products, a manufacturer of motor scooters.

Color: Black or Brown

State: California
Years: 1936-38

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