Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Northern Pacific Railroad Company signed by Jay Cooke and C.D. Barney

Northern Pacific Railroad Company stock printed by National Bank Note Co. New York. Signed on back by Jay Cooke, Sr. and C.D. Barney.

Jay Cooke (1821-1905), Banker. A chance move to Philadelphia as a result of the panic of 1837 determined Jay Cooke's future career, with his eventually ending up as a partner in the distinguished banking house of Clark & Company in that city. Retiring as a wealthy man in 1857, he could not stay idle long, and founded Jay Cooke & Company in 1861, destined to become one of the most widely known banking houses in the country.

Charles D. Barney (1844-1945) was an American stockbroker. Born in Sandusky, Ohio, Barney married the daughter of prominent Philadelphia financier Jay Cooke. Following the collapse of his father-in-laws Philadelphia banking house, in December of 1873 Charles D. Barney and Jay Cooke, Jr. as a minority partner, formed the stock brokerage firm, Chas. D. Barney & Co. In 1938, Charles D. Barney & Co. and Edward B. Smith & Co. merged to form Smith Barney & Co.

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