Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Societe Anversoise du Commerce au Congo

Societe Anversoise du Commerce au Congo stock. Second largest rubber company in the Belgian Congo.

In Katanga the companies holding concessions and the state are jointly represented by the Comite special du Katanga. In 1906 four new companies were formed in which British, American and French capital was largely invested. Of these companies the Union miniere du Haut Katanga had for object the development of the mineral wealth of the district named, while the Chemin de fer du Bas Congo undertook to build a railway from Leopoldville to Katanga. The American Congo Company was granted a rubber concession in the Kasai basin. The fourth company, the Societe internationale forestiere et miniere du Congo, combined mining operations with the exploitation of forest produce.

Condition: Excellent

Country: Belgium
Year: 1897

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